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Originally Posted by FOXedupONE
Hummm,UncleGra is that a building or a chimney?

I know I confused the situation by saying go find a structure, but don't ever listen to me...

Ok let's give it to him he said he wasn't too smart.

So now you get to go take another ride and take a picture of anything of your choosing with your bike, and all of us all over the world get to chase after that new global tag!

Try to make it something we can find here in Virginia if you wanna play nice.

Is that you on top of the tower?

Ooops! Also your bike is not in the picture I just noticed...

Tag denied! Make sure your two wheeled motorized conveyance of any sort is in the picture, I don't see your ride in this one unless I'm not looking close enough.

Cool place in South Australia we wanna see more of it,just learn the rules. Everyone will get the hang of it.Awww,we're teaching the world to play tag.

Bizzaro building is still in play, is everyone in agreement?
Yeah, I have to agree. The last thing we want to do is run you off but it was supposed to be a building.
It really gets addicting once you get the hang of it. I was out the other night till 12:00AM looking for a tag!
Skim through this thread and see how that game has progressed.

So, go back out, "GRAB" a picture of an unusual building with your bike in the pic and post it up! While you are out doing that, look for something interesting to post as the new "TAG". That way the game moves along quickly.
It can be something as simple as a fire hydrant, telephone pole, bridge, gas station, restaurant, speed limit sign(just for the type of sign itself, not the speed), you standing beside your bike, just about anything that would be found around the world.
Hope you stay and play! Once more people start playing it will get intense!

P.S. UncleGra, your photos would be great "TAGS" for when you get the "GRAB" but the pictures need to be taken the day of the posting.
Just remember, it's all about getting out and riding!!!
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