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So, a week or so after getting home, the conversations started up again with Phil about the 'next' ride..

He was heading up to Mildura over Christmas to visit the in-laws, and was keen to head off from there for a few days over New Years Eve....

I suggested the Overland Corner hotel for NYE, then heading up towards the Flinders and the Gammons, and the planning started around that, but after a few days of thinking, i decided that would be just too hot up that way and perhaps the Eyre Peninsula would be a better bet... would still be hot, but at least there would be a sea breeze and some water to cool off in...

I also had a mate who was heading over to Western Australia to camp for 3 weeks with some family/friends, he though i should pop over there too...

Anyway, the planning started (including a 'pubs on the Eyre peninsula' thread here on ADV) and we formulated a plan

Then, work 'extended' their mandatory shutdown over xmas and new year to 3 weeks! (not sure if that was good or bad...meant i could go for a longer ride...but meant i wouldnt get paid for 3 weeks.......)

anyway, time was getting close, i had to squeeze in a trip to Melbourne for christmas, so i booked some way overprice plane tickets.

the plan was now set..

I'd fly to Melbourne on the 24th for Cristmas with Mum,
Phil would spend christmas in Mildura with his family/extended family (they'd fly, he would ride)..
Phil would head for Adelaide on the 27th,
I'd fly back to Adelaide on the 27th, get on my bike and ride ot towards Mannun and meet Phil mid afternoon,
We'd ride to my place in Adelaide, i'd pack, we'd have some beers, an early night and head for the Eyre peninsula the next morning... we had about a week there and we'd probably split at Streaky Bay or Ceduna and i'd continue over to Western Australia and Phil would head back to Melbourne..

that was of course until Phil called the next day and pulled out of the whole ride (except coming down to Adelaide for the night, but then heading straight back to Melbourne.....)

geez i hate disapointment...

didnt really feel like spending NYE in a pub by myself..

so i dwelt on that for a few days, and then caught up with my mate who was heading for WA... told him the whole sorry tale..

his brilliant suggestion... "why dont you just gun it to WA and spend NYE with us..?"

'fair point' i thought..

figuring i was now in for a bigger ride, i knew my back tyre wouldnt get me there and back, but i didnt want to change her out just yet.. i looked at the time, had an hour till my regular tyre place shut...

jumped in the car, hooned in, yay, they had a Karoo-T 150/90/17 in stock.. paid 'em, brough it around to my mates place, tied to to the roof of his 4x4 and 2 days later it was on its way to WA...

3 days later i was in Melbourne,

6 days later i'd landed back in Adelaide, taxi'd home, jumped on bike and headed out to meet Phil at Birdwood.. We spent the arvo dirt roading around Mt Crawford and the Adelaide hills, finally getting back to mine about 7pm...

straight onto the Coopers Pale Ale (hell, it had been a hot day! )

got packed, ordered pizza, drank more beer, stayed up way tooo late (read: 5am )

then crashed out...

got woken by Phil just after 7am... 2 hours sleep and a hangover...not the best start to a road trip..

anyway, packed up, and headed out my driveway at 9am...

got to the end of my street, Phil turned left, i turned right....

i was Gone, Again...


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