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ad Dylandr:

This is just perfect !

I have some questions.

1. How many layers of GFK did you apply ?
2. Did you use 2K Epoxy ?
2. a.) if so did you use a 5min or 1h or 24h Hardener ?
3. Or did you use Polyester with a hardener ?
3. a.) if so did you use a liquid Hardener and was it a 5min 1h or 24 h hardener.

I really like the way you fabricated your fairing. All my experiments with producing a rallye fairing went terribly wrong.

I used Polyester with liquid hardener (5min Hardener) and maybe 4 to five layers of Gfk. First it was too heavy and second some areas never got hard and some areas were sticky. I assume i did something wrong with the mix ratio of Polyester to Hardener. And of course the five min hardener was always too fast hard and so i killed a lot of brushs (a graveyard of brushs).

I wont picture my work because its something to be ashame of.......

Greetings and keep up the good work

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