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Jeezez Murphy!!

In my haste to grab this TAG I didn't even read the sign on top of the ScoreBoard..
Soon as I posted it (30 secs ago) I finally understood the statue of a Red Knight that was equidistant from my bike. I've been riding by it for over a decade w/out making the connexion. I rejected it for the next TAG as the field was locked and I didn't like the shot of it through the fence.

Well, I did get another TAG for all you FF's.


My idea for this TAG is a sign that is either ironic w/ a scofflaw motorcycle grinning under it... or makes a motorcyclist happy/grin/twist the throttle merrily in defiance.

'Cause that's what happens when I see these signs, and the big speed bumps w/ drainage/motorcycle racing allowances on either side.

And I am not gonna accept an illegally parked bike under a No Parking sign.
Just not funny.
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