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Dave's "green" 950

I'm Dave and I don't like orange!

I was going to wait for the black 950's but got such a deal on the "silver" I couldn't wait. As most of you know the "silver" isn't; it more of a silver icy blue color. I was going to repaint the bike and consulted w/ my neighbor who does racing graphics about taking some scrap vinyl to stick on the bike so I might get some inspiration about what color to repaint. Long story short we decided to simply cover the black graphics w/ lime green, leaving a 1/4" reveal. The process was rather labor intensive. Cutting patterns, scanning them into the computer so he could then cut them w/ his x-y plotter. Cut a set, tape to bike. Make notes. Go into computer file and stretch lines to correspond to notes etc. Repeat a few more times and then cut a final set in the color of my choosing.
End result..."green" 950. If I tire of green, I can peel it off and pick a new color.

Luggage: I'm using SW-MOTEC's quick release pannier racks ( and "pelican" type cases; actually They were $135 each. Vinyl on the side is obviously green but we did another cool thing. My graphics neighbor has a big color printer so we actually printed an "ice blue" over reflective white material from 3M. It matches the base color of the bike, Now I have a complimentary accent that is reflective at night. We also put reflective black panels adjacent to the windshield.

Seat: I bought a old Russell "Daylong" seat from a BMW K100 off eBay. Took it apart and put the "guts" onto/into the stock KTM pan. Had a new cover made, then sold the old K100 pan back on eBay. Net cost: $200.

If anyone would like to inquire about getting a set of vinyl panels for their 950 you can contact Mike Squire at: 518.392.5852

Any other question? Email me:
I moderate the Yahoo 950 list...
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