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Cool2 onwards!

so yeah, Phil turned left and headed towards Hahndorf (for a wake up coffee ), and i turned right..... i was just heading west.....

the plan was just to get some miles down in the first couple of days..

2 hours sleep and a hangover wasn't ideal, first stop was the nearest servo to fuel up the bike (and fill myself up with coke )..

then out onto the highway... next stop about 45 mins later at Port Wakefield bakery for a Pie and more Coke...

next stop, Port Germain... figured i should take at least one photo on this trip..

so here is a pic of the old lighthouse thingie at Port Germain

There is also a pretty damn long jetty there too...

I couldnt be assed walking all the way out it, and since the tide was out, i figured there was an easier way :

I then remembered that the idea behind today was to get miles behind me... back onto the highway it was...

another hour on, dying of thist and in need of more sugar, the signs for "Red Hill Roadhouse" started to appear... cool, time for a quick drink stop...

turning in, in the middle of nowhere, i notice the only car in the place... and notice a big guy leaning against the front talking to a girl... Thinking to myself...gee that looks like Paulie, he gives the girl an elbow in the side and starts pointing to me... bloody hell... 200km from home, in the middle of 'nowhere' and i run into my next door neighbour... thats just too odd..

so a Gatoraide, a Coke, a few home-made chocolate goodies they were carrying and half an hour later i remember i'm suposed to be moving.. i packup, bid them farewell and am GoneAgain

I'm feelin a bit purkier now so, just have a quick detour into Port Augusta

and keep on going...

The countryside really starts to open up..

and i can tell that i'm now starting to get to 'nowhere'

i become happy in the realisation that i will actually get some miles down today afterall..

Ever since i could read maps, i wanted to go to "Iron Knob" not sure why?

Anyway today was to be my lucky day... i detoured into the township... and was really bloody disapointed... dont think i was expecting much, but it didnt even live up to that expectation...

the roadhouse there did however have the coldest cans of drink i'd had in a longtime (and since it was a freakin hot outback summer day, i had 2 of the overpriced buggers!

back out onto the highway, next stop was at some 'flamin big galah!'

what is it with Australia and 'big' stuff? (or does it happen 'everywhere'..? )

decision time... eenie meenie minie moe..

right it is..

now i was heading across the Eyre Peninsula and was surprised to see the land turn back into grazing/cropping land..

The highway followed a pipeline, and a found a 'leak' at one point and decided that was as good a place as any for a mid arvo cool-down

you could always tell when you where getting near to another little town, as a grain silo would appear on the horizon...

every town had one..

and they all looked the same

so i hammered on, into the setting sun, and was happy when the signs started suggesting Ceduna was reachable today...

I was faily buggered by time i got there at 8pm, so i checked into the caravan park next to the pub, paid for a patch of gravel, quickly pitched my tent, walked out onto the Esplanade just in time to see the sun disapear,


and then head straight into the pub for a feed (what, no fishermans basket/fresh fish in the pub of a fishing town? wtf? ) Chicken schnitty it was to be..

An 'ok' shnitty and a couple of beers and i was ready for bed. it had been a long day, 11 hours on the road and around 920kms...

I walked back past the jetty

hot shower, ear plugs in (since i was camped next to a Ute with "lock up your daughters' and 'rum pigs' stickers on it...

and straight off to the land of nod....


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