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Originally Posted by TemeculaRider
OMG! I thought Mexico was totally devoid of violence! You're telling me it's not?!

So where else is the violence? I'd really like to know. I just got back from 16 days in the Yucatan and Riviera Maya. Is it there? What about 13 days from TJ to Los Cabos and back in late December? Should I not have gone then too? Where do you recommend I ride from now on? I'd also like to warn all the great people I've met and been helped by in Mexico who seem so happy down there! They need to know about this! (the sarcasm is palpable, isn't it?)

Better yet, do this for me: Could you please post some links to reports of completely non-drug-related violence against in Americans in Mexico? I'll be waiting for your answer. As soon as you're done, for every one you post, I'll post 100 reports of non-drug-related violence in the US. Deal?

I'm not getting into a debate on this. No time right now. I posted my perception and that is all.
Do what you want. Ride without a helmet if that is what gives you a thrill. Makes no difference to me.

BTW, the Mexican Riviera is not where the bad news is coming from, but riding there without going through the frontera would be tough. YRMV
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