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Originally Posted by TemeculaRider

This myth you're trying to perpetuate of violence against Americans lurking around every corner of Mexico is UTTER NONSENSE. There is no basis for it AT ALL because it is simply not true. That being said, if your perspective is different, then by all means, DON'T GO!

I sure didn't read that Gordy thought there was violence directed at americans any where in his posts. More reading, less chest thumping.

My opinion, if I'm allowed one, is that the dangerous areas and circumstances aren't as obvious in Mexico, there is more cross fire danger. Its easier to be in the way of that cross fire and it does not have to be at night near a strip club...and it doesn't have to be in the shady part of Mexico City or Juarez. It could be in an area you feel is paradise and that you feel is not a risky place to be... There are those who have been surprised by the lawlessness and those about to be surprised. Its still a great country and I'll still go, but I understand the risks a bit more now and realize you can't alleviate them by simply staying in at night.

What if you were one of the tourist hanging around creel (in the day time) when the cartel came into town blasting away at pretty much anybody in between them and their target? I don't think you'd say to yourself, "no biggie, its just like the united states"... Where they stupid for being there because of its proximity to drug turf even though its a tourist hub for the train and the canyons?
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