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I think I probably posted this before somewhere but here it goes again as I think it provides some perspective.

A few years ago a Canadian couple flew down to Cancun for a family wedding. They were murdered and the Canadian news media was all over it like white on rice. "Corrupt Mexican authorities, corrupt police officials, extortion, lawless country,,don't go there your life is at risk!!!!..etc , etc,"

The US and Canadian news media frenzy went on for weeks. Finally the Canadian govt decides that they need to intervene and teach the Mexican police how to do an investigation. The outcome, through the joint effort of both countries, was that the murderers were fellow Canadians. All of the media drama ended in Canada. Buried on pg 19 of the Toronto papers.

Same story in Cabo, Canadian murdered and guess who killed him. A Mexican along with an American in a botched robbery attempt.
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