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Originally Posted by subcomm
I would recommend that you alleviate the risks by doing the following:
1. Never and I mean never consider riding a motorcycle to any part of Mexico. It is total anarchy! Dope dealers, crooked cops, banditos. Stay far, far away.
2. Only ride your motorcycle within 25 miles of your home, make sure you always practice AGAAT and you must carry a Spot transceiver as well as a cell phone. Make sure also you never ride alone or at night.

Better yet, sell the bike, lock yourself in your house and stay tuned to your favorite cable news network to advise you when the world is going to end.
This is one of the first posts in this whole thead that makes a damn bit of sense!
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Originally Posted by PirateJohn
you are safer in 99% of Northern Mexico than you are in 99% of Jacksonville, FL.
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