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Originally Posted by TemeculaRider
Then why isn't he ever going back? What are we talking about here? Violence directed toward Mongolians?

Chest thumping?

The picture you're painting is of basically every place in the world. I'm curious what you'd recommend to "alleviate the risks?"

My point, Justin, is that you made it sound as though Gordy was saying, "Don't go to Mexico, they kill americans down there".

Anybody who has been down there knows thats not the case, but they sure are taking a beating from each other. Cartel vs Cartel, cartel vs good cops, cartel vs bad cops, good cops vs bad cops, bad cops vs good cops. Add in the fact that all family members can be targets too, and it starts becoming something you don't typically see in the good ole USA.

And I'm painting a picture of every country ran by drug cartels in the world.

You can't alleviate the risks, that was my point.
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