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so after such a long second day, i was really surprised to be awake at 5 in the morning.....

took some photos, topped up the ocean and killed a dozen or so March Flies and headed back to bed..


didnt sleep for too long, then was up again for the day... packed up my gear, 'unparked' the bike and brought her down onto the firmer sand... found a reasonable use for a VB can..

i think my next 'bike project' will be to weld a bigger foot onto the stand

it was still early but it was already heating up... i knew my ride was gonna take me inland for most of the day, so took the oportunity for one last quick dip in the ocean..

then it was back on the bike for a quick squirt up the beach before hitting the sand again and 'sneaking' past the caretakers place

being 'fresh' helped with the sand, was reasonably confident and got through the dunes without a drop, but then of course on a sharp bermed out right hander, right outside the caretakers place, down she goes!

bloody hell, i leap up and try to pick her up as quick as i can and bugger off before someone comes out, but of course, being on a burmed out bend, she was closer to upside down than right way up, and standing on the 'down hill' side meant i wasnt tall enough to get her sinking/sliding in the sand didnt help...

no choice but to grab her by the ass and drag her around 90 degrees and then get her up...and off again... had about 20 more km's of sand to get thru..

but it was a hell of a lot easier first thing in the morning (and in daylight )

got thru and was happy to see the packed track back up the escarpment

really quite surprising how far up it climbed given how flat it generally is out here..


another 15 or 20 km saw me back at the highway (yes, its 36 degrees at 8 in the morning )

back along the highway to Cocklebiddy to fuel up both me and the bike

then back out onto the highway for another long (straight) hot day.. (yep, 40 degrees at 9:18am )

the road was straight, but i didnt really notice it while riding...

i did however notice the wind... (can you tell it was coming from left to right )

so the 'straight' behind me, i hit Belladonnia for a lunch/fluid break...

Then it was time to 'cut the corner' and hit the dirt south...

The Belladonnia road... 300km 'short-cut'

(i didnt take a photo of the "road closed" sign )

the first 70 km was hard and rocky, with the odd bulldust hole..

and the odd gate to pass thru....

then the road turned sand...wide but sandy.... and bloody windy... had to stop every now and then when the wind really picked up as you just couldnt even see the road in front of you (didnt get the camera out in those cases, as i didnt want to get any more dirt/dust in my camera )

the sand seemed unusually difficult and i was skating around a fair bit...every now and then i'd even ride in the gutter, i passed a track off to the right, and shortly after i figured i better stop and check the GPS. I was meeting some friends down on the coast, and they had said that if i came down this road to stay to the right or i'd end up in Isralite bay and it would add 'days' to my trip (and New Years Eve was tomorrow so i wanted to hit the coast/camp tonight...) so i'm rooting around with the GPS to check i'm where i should be, 150km from the start, 150km from the end, havent seen a car etc since hitting the dirt, and i hear "geez, we'll probably scare the shit outa the poor bugga".......


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