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Originally Posted by Fire Escape
So what are the Scrambler mirror stalks made of, compressed rust? I got my bike in Sept. got caught in rain (turned to snow) once in Oct. and didn't get to wash it because the temp did not get back above freezing. I put it in the camper and hauled it down to the Keys in Dec, felt guilty about seeing rust on them Sunday so I removed them, polished it off and applied 3 coats of wax. On Wed. they were already rusting again! I am sure that I can find replacements that weigh half as much and look OK but the OEM ones aren't much for (chrome) durability.

On a more fun topic my high beam indicator has been "intermittent" of late. A good incentive to check out the LED "upgrade" as I see it!

I experienced quite a bit of rust on my wheel rims with the chrome lifting in a number of spots. Triumph was quick to send out two new rims and and install them. Have you tried the warranty route? is that even an option for you?

Even if you go with after market parts, it is nice to have the option to return your Scrambler to stock. (for when they become "highly collectible")
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