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Originally Posted by KingRat
I'm glad to have both but would probably opt for the .17HMR if I had to make a choice.
I would too. I'd take the .17 over my .22, .22 magnum, and .223. If I could only have one.

The .22 is great for beginners in that the ammo is cheap and if you are on a safe range ricochet is really a non-issue.
But if you are going to hunt or shoot in a field with it the .17 seems to provide much more enjoyment.

The only thing I'd say is that if you are actually trying to learn to shoot well the .17 is just too flat shooting. An accurate .22 LR with the slowest ammo that it shoots well requires much more user input to hit the target.

Fun game is to place reactive targets at different distances down field and move between them with a .22 LR.
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