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We will see as I finally have my Vapor mounted up and working. I will post up what I end up with using both the Vapor and GPS. Will be swapping in some different sprockets. Currently I do know this (gps) 05 will not hit the limiter on a dirt road and tops out in the mid 80's (MPH) depending on surface. On pavement it hits 95 at the limiter. For me at the correct RPM (by feel) mine runs low 50's. I would not run it at 70 any contstant distance as the RPM's are too high. 05 running 14-50.

Also when I am talking distance I am talking anything over five-10 miles at a time. A mile here and there is nothing and the bike is not at the same RPM usually on those short trips. I'm looking for the long haul longevity not just a year or two and a few hundred miles. I want this bike to last years without continual rebuilds or maintenance. I also want it to last thousands of miles so it can't be flogged continually for long stretches of time or miles or any bike would just wear out.
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