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Originally Posted by sonicapollo
1. What increments of correction are available on your trip computer?
Basically I have 2 different TM software versions (the 2nd one I only made last week). The first one having 2 individual trips, which are only accurate up to 100m (1 digit after the comma).
The new software also has 2 trips. The first one being like before (100m accuracy), but the 2nd trip being accurate to 10m (2 digits after the comma).
The 10m accuracy isn't really useful in long day rallies, but for events like Sardegna or the Berlin-Breslau.

When you want to correct the 100m trip, you press and hold one of the correction buttons. The trip will slowly starting counting either up or down (roughly 2 increments/decrements per second). After a few seconds of holding the button for a longer period of time (about 5 seconds) the trip will starting counting rapidly. This is used to adjust more the KMs than the 100m...

Originally Posted by sonicapollo
2. Do you supply cables to hook the repeater the the ERTF, or do we get that somewhere else? I'd like to use a Garmin V or something similar for testing, but the ERTF for the rally.
I will supply 1 cable per repeater. For the Garmin devices, I buy the accessory cables and fit my connectors on to them.
For the ERTF cables, I custom make them (both connectors and the cable).

If you want an extra cable, I can of course supply you one for some extra money...

Originally Posted by sonicapollo
3. You selling your brackets and t-supports/fairing stays yet? I will have a 09 WR450F that is bone stock and will need trinkets!
I've been asked this before. I'll have to ask my manufacturer how much it'd cost to have a small production going. Stay posted for updates!

Hope I was able to answer your questions!

Originally Posted by CarbonCat
Hi Tony,

I'm interested in the remote, and probably the GPS repeater. As far as I understand the remote can work with TT roadbook.
Will the GPS repeater work with Garmin 2620?

Yes, the remotes hand be wired to support either an MD or TT roadbook!

As for your Garmin, it's a little more tricky. You see, the only data output your GPS has is USB. My repeater devices only support old fashioned serial data.
Funny thing, though, is your User's Manual states the USB connector also sends the necessary serial data over the USB connector, but I can't find a suitable connector cable that would allow me to fix it to my repeater.
What cables (other than a "normal" USB one) do you know that exist for your Garmin?!?
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