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Originally Posted by EvilGenius

I do like the piney woods of far east texas though, but everything between greenville and west fort worth is meh.
The "mehness" might be spreading all the way to Weatherford too. Especially if traffic figures into the "meh" scale. Lately around here (SW Fort Worth) the traffic has been off the charts. This, coupled with the City's inability to 1) fix potholes in a timely manner and 2) to synchronize its traffic lights means it takes too frigg'n long to get just about anywhere these days. And of course I've had to get out in it a bunch. Maybe if we could get the extreme senior citizens (80+) to only drive between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm it might pick up the pace of traffic significantly.

I kinda wish we had $4.00 a gallon gas again. Seemed like there were many few vehicles out then - especially those big ones...
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