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This is quite a site, a little sumpin' for every taste. For me when I first saw
a PC I was curious as I have never seen a bike with a trunk before. WORKS for ME as the saying goes. The owner really talked up the bike, let me sit on it, and it "fit". I've owned dirt bikes as a kid but was never compelled to compete with "cagers" (I love that term) on the road so always passed. When gas got to 4.25/gal I threw in the towel and made the decision to
go for (2) wheels. I made a pact with the wife and myself to NOT consume while riding, went to a beginner riding class, and left the protection up to
the textile and The Lord. A little eBay searching had me bidding on a cherry 97 Red beauty from the wife of a Winger on Long Island. Her name is Clare and so...... is named the bike. Really great folks, brought the bike from LI to Albany for me on their way to Americade in June of 08'. " You meet the nicest people on a Honda" sure worked for me. I trucked it home and went about getting it on the road. I never rode once with a mentor on my permit staying close to home, ridin' the hood, learning balance, shifting, and just getting the feel for it. Many told me it was too much bike for a novice to which I say BUNK. A PC is very forgiving once you ride a little and have a 6'1" frame. The riding course taught me much and was well worth the expense and I spent the summer getting miles in and was getting my confidense about mid Fall. Rode to Nov 15th that year and couldn't wait for 09'. 09 started not to well as I put "Clare" on the ground with me under it
in early May. STUPID!! Normally I like the woman on top but not in this case. No biggie really , elevation diff between front wheel on pavement and rear on gravel and too shallow a angle and to quick with the wrist. ( What??
I'm not an expert after a half a year of riding) The crack in the Tupperware
is a constant reminder to THINK DUMBASS. Not so cherry anymore. Any tips on repairing ABS?. 09's weather didn't let me get the miles in I wanted but did get in a few good runs with some buds. Did a real nice ride in the Catkills last year thus the nickname. I love those mountains, bike or not.

Best story yet..... Caught 2 20 something "rocket" dudes jawing at a red traffic light and I coasted down to them just as the light turned. They're stopped and I still had about 8 mph left and I went up hard from second, third , fourth crouching down under my Clearview and hoped they took the bait. They did....... smoked my ass .......zooooom one on each side as they
blew past. I laughed for 1/2 hour after that. God that was too easy.

I love pulling into the drive-inns and landing Clare right in the middle of the
chrome and black leather set. Bright red bike, red textile and floresent white
modular full face.......and an open trunk.( Hey Mike!!... you always been a non conformist? ........yes). Really, the H/D crowd are mostly good folks as are most bikers I've met but it's funny as I don't consider myself a biker, or enthusiast or....? I'm just a guy who likes riding a Honda Pacific Coast. But... I don't care. No "uniforn" for me. Looking forward to 10'. Going to take the "advanced" course this year and due some charity rides.

If your in the area between Utica and Syracuse NY this year and see a geeky
looking goof on a red 97 it's me. (can't be another) Thanks for the welcome(s).
Cat Mike
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