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Originally Posted by fireflyr
Whenever someone says to go to your happy place, this is where I go. What a cool bike the Scrambler is.

I fly a 42 year old helicopter, drive a 43 year old Landcruiser, and, uh, er, my wife is 46 (and in better shape than the other two). I need a Scrambler to complete my retro lifestyle.

Keep the pictures coming.
Now all you have to tell us is you fly that helicopter around showing people islands in the south pacific. If I'm right can I have job washing your helicopter? My 47 year old wife is just about to kick me out & I'm taking my dog & my scram. Things are a little tough for a lot of us right now. This is the first time I've been unemployed in 20 years. Wait a minute (fireflyr) okay I'm a little slow I guess it's not the south pacific. Well if things don't get better here soon I might have to sell that scrambler--- seriously.
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