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Originally Posted by FPGT72
Perhaps the old one was setup wrong...I don't know, but I can tell you that I played yesterday night for an hour and a half and there was zero pain with the new guitar. I only quit because I was getting tired. I also feel that I made more progress last night then I had in the two weeks before.

Like I said I am a total newbee but the new guitar could just be setup right or whatever....I am happy and that is all that counts. I am going to take the old one up and see if there is anything they can do with it. Lessons are going to have to wait till school gets out, my son has after school deals on the days the teacher I want is giving lessons.
New gear can be a great inspiration. I recently bought a new (to me) guitar, my first new addition in 15 years, and my ethusiasm for the new instrument took me from playing/practicing 1 hour a day to 4-5 hours a day. Well worth the investment.

All anyone is saying is that a cheapo guitar can be made to play well in most cases. My #1 guitar for the better part of 20 years was a bottom of the line SG Special. I bought several other guitars, vintage and historic reissues among them, with the intent that they would become #1, but that old $300 SG Special just played and sounded better than all of them. I did upgrade the pick ups which went a long way to making it sound so good, but it was/is still a $300 guitar under the pick ups.

The new guit (SG Classic) has finally taken over the #1 spot.

Use what you have learned here, that a good set up can make a good guitar a great guitar. Things like action (string height), string guage, even the angle that the strings break over the bridge to the tail piece, make a difference in the playability of the guitar.

Things like pick, guitar cable, and the amp you choose make a big difference too.

Now quit screwing around and post some pictures of your new axe.
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