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The Mobius Trip .GPX files are here

These are the tracks, routes, and waypoints from our Mobius trip.

Files for M I-8 follow this post. I ALSO posted the same files at, and also at Search the term "Mobius" on each of those sites to find them there.

Because the trip spans multiple geographic regions, I thought it would be easier to consolidate them in one thread here. I plan on updating this thread and those sites with new files as we ride them.

Not included are any tracks or routes, mileage markers, or Sam's directional notes for the TAT, however, there ARE various waypoints that I laid down or otherwise collected along the way for the TAT sections -- Gas, food, campgrounds, bike shops, hot springs, hazards, possible alternates, etc. These waypoints will be helpful, but not nearly sufficient to route/ride the TAT. Not even close.

I have my own nomenclature, which may not be obvious, ie, (FRSD=follow road, shortest distance) otherwise routing is point-to-point. Sometimes I spec which mapset I'm using, sometimes I don't. Tracks have been thinned to 500 points each, but I have the full tracks on my HD. If someone wants the details of a specific area with all the track data points let me know and I can splice out just that piece. There are a few tricky places where a stream crossing or something is in a very specific location, but at the posted resolution it isn't quite precise enough.

If anyone has specific questions, please post them to this thread and I'll answer if I can.

The files are numbered for each Mobius section: 1=NYC-NM, 2a&2b=NM-AZ, etc. Some sections had to be split up to be below the ADV file size upload limit of 1.93MB. If you're interested in a split section, be sure to download all pieces and combine them in MapSource or BaseCamp / RoadTrip, or GoogleEarth.

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