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Originally Posted by FPGT72
I know that in part I bought a name but I also did what many new classic car buyers do....I bought was so pretty.
No shame at all in that. And my post wasn't to discredit the big names. The famous brands make some good guitars and some bad guitars. It was more of a point that often times many of the lesser known brands actually have a better axe than the big guys.

I recently had a Gibson Les Paul in, retail $4,200.00. It was just 6 months old and the guy was hard up and I bought it for resale. He had the original reciept and he had paid $3350.00 at a reputable dealer. Close inspection revealed little details like filler around the logo inlay, tape lines where they had taped the neck before spraying it, and an output jack put on crooked. The intonation was also off, but that could have been the previous owners fault. Anyway, I could literally pick up any $350.00 guitar in my shop (the most popular price range here) and all of them were put together and finished better and played better than this $4,200.00 big name guitar.

This isn't to rag on Gibson. I know that this is (hopefully) an exception and not the rule. It's just an illustration that a name badge and a high price tag do not necessarily equal quality.
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