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First up, tank, seat and luggage. Some research led me to the 4.9 IMS oversized tank. Clark too small and the one there from Australia, for sure that one was going to blow the budget. I have read some good stuff about this IMS tank and so it was an easy choice. The seat however was a tossup between Corbin and Sergeant. Sergeant won out for a couple of reasons. I have owned Corbin’s before so it would be nice to try something new and it was a perfect fit with the IMS tank. To put the icing on the cake they offered it in a “low” version. There, seat and tank, arguably the two easiest out of three on the list. The last one took some major consideration. The luggage, what to do? Hard, soft, kit or build to suit, racks, I mean your head will spin with this one. And the choices once you decide which way you want to go is even endless. Once again I stared at the screen and read lord knows how many forums and I decided to go with soft. It does have some advantages as well as disadvantages, but I felt it was the right decision. Now I have to figure out what brand, how will it fit the budget, how it will fit, will I buy a bunch of bags and coble it together, how will it attach, how will I support the bags on the sides… Whew. I decided to go with a system already engineered to work with my bike. Going across the country on something that is not tested and tried sounded stupid to me and the price difference to building it myself minimal , so it seemed like a no brainer. I went with a three bag system, two side panniers and one top bag. The system comes with the racks and it seemed very well thought out.
Next up, Suspension:
I sent out a rear shock that I sourced from eBay to be rebuilt to handle the extra weight of the gear as well as me (240lbs). I will keep you in the loop on that as the information comes in.

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