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I changed the text as asked. I hope this helps, but I havenet figured out the re-sizing of the pics as of yet. Bare with me I will figure it out... for now the pictures are going to be big. sorry
Here are some pictures of the bike stripped down.

The tank & seat showed up!
I started with the tank. I have read that the petcock that comes with the tank was not so good. So I needed to find a way around this. After looking at the stock one, it seem that if I opened the hole in the tank some where the petcock went in, I could used the factory one. It worked! I widened the hole with a drill bit and a rat tail file and it slipped right in. I tightened it up and filled to see if it leaked. After about an hour or so, no leaks, it had worked. I mounted the seat latch and fitted on the bike. I mocked up the seat to see what it would look like.

Next I looked for a place for my tool roll. After some trial and error I decided to mount it on the front ender. I played with the mounting and finally got it mounted up. It had a handle on it so I loosened up the front fender and was able to put the handle behind the front fender mount. Then a couple of nuts and bolts through the fender and presto! I really like the way it unrolls onto the fender for easy access. I now need to find a way to keep is semi dry! I was thinking on the lines of some heavy shower caps.

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