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Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d
XR400 and XR250 frames are almost identical.

A week or two and I will buy one off you and test the fit.

Before you go through the expense involved in shipping take a good look at the picture of the frame that I was sent. The angle of the small cross bracing from the rear of the frame to the sides is what makes the biggest difference. The height needed may be different also.

The lower portion of the stand is almost the same for the XR650L and the XR400 except for the bends in the legs to get the bottom of the stand higher on the 400. The 650 side stand does not allow this. I am going to see what can be done to modify the side stand so that I can get the center stand for the 650 to have the same bend to get the feet higher like the 400. Bikes that do not have passenger pegs typically have the side stands up higher since there is no interference with passenger pegs.

Send me a PM if you would like, so we can figure out what the difference may be. I will check the parts fiche and see what I can tell from that.

The inmates here have made the suggestions that bring new stands about, and it is appreciated.

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