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Originally Posted by wickit
GOD I LOVE RIDING THIS BIKE!!!!!! She is a one fun bitch to ride and always satisfies. So first ride since last fall. Last years first ride resulted in a new ACL. So here the results of the Vapor for 5th gear as that is all I am worried about.

05 WR450 14/50 Sprockets

1. It was dead nuts on both speed and RPM. Speed was compared to GPS speeds within .5mph, and hit the limiter within 200rpm.

2. 6000rpm = 50mph

3. 7000rpm = 60mph

4. 9000rpm = 80mph

Goal is 70mph at 6000rpm. No more then 6500, and would not run constant 7000 for long distance all day.

Anything less then 5800rpm I'm getting some chain jump and noise. 6000 it goes away and is right where the power and RPM feel perfect.

So new sprockets info coming shortly. I don't know if I can get to where I want it to with sprockets.

Temperature 40 or so degrees, and while running at test speeds engine was 111 degrees.
Im running 15/39 on the motard and 8000rpm is about 110mph. I get a mean headshake around 125mph.
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