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Originally Posted by alfaris

i did book a MM yesterday. a 2008 unit from BMW staff, 3000 miles on it. To buy it I am going to quit my current renting on a F800GS, is a good bike but doesn´t give me much feeling on the road , even in the dirt, so i need a MM to push me up a bit. For the pure dirt i am keeping a XRR and a 525.

I am going to use it for many purposes, including some short commuting, urban , as many mountain roads as i can, and if i can, go to the Pirynees or even the Alps next summer to burn all those mythic mountain passes.

as a former HP2E owner, i wonder if someone has tried the pikes peak setup but on a street legal way.... i know there was a PP version for japan......

i mean on street version because those tires are not street legal, so maybe someone fitted another 17" tires.

well the MM has only 160mm suspension travel, but with a kindda tires like those sure it could handle some smooth fire roads if necesary. If they raced the Pikes Peak with that setup sure i can try some occasional easy dirt incursion......

Congrats on the MM, I too came from the 800GS. It was the only bike I have ever bought that I felt I made a big mistake on. Some very good things about it but in the end it doesn't gel into either an off road or on road bike very well. The Mega on the other hand just makes me everytime I go out.
I am always looking at the new toys comming out from Ducati etc, but honestly am not tempted to change, I plan on keeping this for a long time. The multistrada is tempting but I really like the MM for its simple un molested ride.
Given the rareity of these bikes we now have 3 mega's in quite close proximity with you, me and Bruno. Imagine 3 mega's tearing up the mountain roads....
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