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Originally Posted by longjt
I bought my '90 new in '92 for $4995 and it now has 108k miles on it. It needs a new stator says the dealer (Hollywood Honda) which they say costs $700 not including labor. Also needs new heads as these leak. Yes I over heated it a couple of times when the radiator hoses blew. I'm 6'3" and a little too big for the bike, even w/a tall Rifle on it, but I commuted on it for 17 years. Great commuting bike with outstanding weather protection. Very low maintenance too. Sad to say that I gave up joy riding on it for the past decade or so. I recommend changing out the hoses at 60k at least. The shop has had it for a year while they "searched" for a used engine. I need to dispose of it or get it fixed. In the meantime I bought a '05 1200 rt w/low miles. I love my new machine and find joy riding a real joy again. Just went up and down Mt Palomar this weekend., and toured Death Valley with a group in Jan., and did Yosemite last Sep.

As far as cruising speed goes, the manual says don't exceed 85 mph iirc., not that it started getting all hinky at that speed.
I think you got your money's worth out of it. Maybe time to look at the Dullville?
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