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About time I piped in here. Last Thanksgiving I sold my R1150R BMW (which I had for six and a half years, and put 65k miles on it) and picked up a pristine low-mileage '98 PC800 - my third one. Back in the 90's I owned two PC's, a black '94 and later a candy red '90. Both great bikes, but I was younger then and quickly grew tired of the PC's rather mellow power delivery. And since my riding buddies were all riding sport and sport touring bikes, I wanted something to keep up with them. In my mind, at least.

I'm older now and less interested in keeping up than in riding my own ride. The PC just flat out works as a commuter and as a light-duty tourer. "PC" should stand for "Perfect Choice" (if not "Pretty Cool"...)

A recent snowstorm in Texas didn't stop me from wanting to get out and ride.
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