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Fuel Tank Project!!!

Originally Posted by BeeDub
Hey Lukas,

I vote for making your own tank on one of the problems.

My only issue with it would be to use an epoxy that won't break down with the gas in it, somebody tell me that's possible. I think it is, because I'm pretty sure I've read about fiberglass boats having molded-in fuel tanks...
My vote is for a custom composite fuel tank too...

There isn't any problem with an epoxy resin system for use on fuel tanks. Once you get the tank built, you put a fuel tank sealer in it and slosh it around for good coverage. The Epoxy resin never touches the fuel. This is how the light aircraft sector does it.

The challenge you have to face with a composite tank is getting the design and layup schedule dialed in so that when you drop your bike you don't crack the tank.

I want a custom set of tanks for my bike and that latter problem is what keeps me up at night...that and the 5-week-old boy!

Go with a CUSTOM TANK!

Originally Posted by BeeDub

In the end, you can probably gelcoat it any color you wish too.
NEVER!!! don't go with gel coat. It cracks then looks awful. You don't need a gel coat to get a good finish on composites. A quality mold will yield a good surface; a good painter can take care of the rest with minimal effort.
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