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Originally Posted by D.T.
I was at Target an hour ago and they had this USB cable you can plug into your geetar and load up some software. It was about $41 bucks. Looks cool as hell. Anyone here tried this?

This isn't the exact product, but the closest I could find. I'm just asking before I go out and get it. This is the closest I could find online...
I don't know if it's been discussed already, but right next to me is the Line6 GuitarPort; probably the most commonly used pre-production tool for guitar.

When it comes down to an armchair rockstar, it's all you need... well GuitarPort, FruityLoops, and Audition.

Seriously. I'm not going to name any names, but there are (fairly famous) albums out there recorded with just this setup, and you'd never know*..

*Edit: The cymbals are the hardest thing to get to sound right on a computer.

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