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Originally Posted by Jim Williams
I don't know. I like the idea, but, something about it just seems prone to human/mechanical error. Forgetting to plug it in. Leak in cartridge. Leak in airbag. Failure of unit itself. How far can you slide before friction/heat pops the bag? Not to mention I just know I'd get off my bike in front of 100 people and forget to unplug.
Hi Jim,
Attaching the jacket or vest is like putting on a seatbelt. It turns into something you just do like strapping your helmet and gloves. A leak in the cartridge is highly unlikely. It is similar to cartridges in life vests (PFDs) etc. and I've never heard of one leaking. The cartridge sits in they keybox and is not punctured until the vest is activated.
The system is elegantly simple and there is a stainless steel ball in a spring powered piston. When the ball is pulled out the piston slams into the CO2 cartridge and punctures it.
I had one of our racers crash and slide on the tailbone part of the airbag 40-50 feet. This did burn a hole through the outer nylon cover and the airbag itself but by that time, the vest had done its job.

It is really hard to accidentally set one of these off. If you watch some of the videos, you can see the amount of force needed to set it off.

Originally Posted by Jim Williams
How safe are these jackets without the air? I noticed on the site they do come with armor, but, we all know that could also be just a piece of foam. Not real armor at all. Seam strength? Burst strength? Abrasion resistance? This has got to be a VERY strong jacket if you're expecting to slide 150 feet without wearing through the outer fabric and hitting the bag.

I'd want this jacket to stand alone and rely on the air as a "bonus".
The jackets are comparable to any top quality textile jacket. You can see some good high-res and close-up pictures in the SaferMoto gallery. They do come with a worthless foam back pad but I upgrade this with every jacket or vest that I sell with a CE rated piece.
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