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Did they change the oil and filter? If so-go for it.

This bike and others like it (KDX) are not the maintenance bikes one might think of. Buy it and if it makes you feel better-change out the piston and rings.

Originally Posted by Wylie
I just talked to the guys father on the phone as the owner isn't around. Estimated 25 hours a year and it was bought new in 03. No real maintenance to speak of and it sounds as though the bike is very likely to be in stock form.

So I'm looking at an 03 with potentially 175 hours and likley more on the clock and very little to maybe no maintenance.

So what would be the thoughts of the more knowledgeable which I'm sure the greater percentage here are?

I know nothing of the maintenance intervals and although the budget is going to be tight I'd like to start out as fresh as I can with this bike to know where to take maintenance from the point of sale.

When I take a look at it, what should I focus on as to avoid potential issues other then the obvious such as leaks and so one? Wrap the piss out of it during the test ride?

I was just told of another KTM in the general area today as well, I'm hoping it's a 300 and maybe closer to my tight ass budget.
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