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Long distances

To all
I have just ordered a new 300 (my second). I intend to do over night trips through the mountains on it. I have some really good 200 to 300klm loops that involve a little open dirt road but on the most tight and narrow forestry roads.
I had in the past used my 200 to do this, it was fun but wore the bike out very quickly.

I have ordered a 25 liter Acerbis tank and cush driver rear wheel to allow me to go the distance and look after the gear box as best I can.

I do understand that this is not the best use for this bike. I have a love of 2 strokes and am combining this with not seeing the new crop of 450 and 530 type engines lasting regardles of who or how they are serviced and a large cost factor to go with them.

My request is:

Can anyone who is regularly doing the longer rides put in dot point their findings or advice on higher milage ownership. I am seeking responses from people with a techincal or experinced background.

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