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Originally Posted by LukasM
Hey Gustavo,

Good to see that you are still around. After the troubles with the forks leaking and the engine being done I thought you had given up on the ole' DR. Didn't you also buy a 950 Adv?
Hi Lukas,

Yes i've been a bit away... other priorities. Main problem with forks was leaking o-rings, but that was solved! Engine parts availability was a nightmare too... never again.

Not yet on the 950, maybe a 990 soon...

Originally Posted by LukasM
Great build up so far, I like the innovative solutions. Finally somebody has detailed what it takes to fit the 28L KTM tank, those will be a much cheaper source than the Safari supertankers. Now you also have a great base to slap a 640-Adv front fairing and lights on there! I assume you have seen Ron's awesome build where he used one?
I'm quietly following a number of DR build threads, and some KTM 640 with kwak engines, etc.. , i also have a full 640 Adv fairing ready in my garage with brackets and lighting too, but i find it to be quite heavy. I'm thinking about a mixed solution where i can have 2 set ups available with little hassle.

Originally Posted by LukasM
What did it take to fit the WP shock? I have a couple of those lying around, they are not worth much to KTM people as they come stock on lots of them. But for the DR it should definitely be a nice improvement.
To be honest i just had to add 3 washers on the top axle, 2 on the left side, 1 on the right side.

Same thing below, 3 washers a longer bolt with locking nut and it's done.

Originally Posted by Ron Seida
One thing i would like to point out. Your fuel pump and lines are very close to the cylinder, vapor lock may become a problem in hot climates. You might want to consider either shielding it with an aluminum heat sink, or find a new home for it. Keep up the good work, i look forward to your lighting solution .
I'll dig into that however all the fuel lines i used are reinforced a double layer of non rubber fabric that helps to protect from elements and heat.

I tried another location, but nowere else seemed to fit (at all). But i'll have a look for a heatsink.

Originally Posted by dylandr
Brilliant work! You guys are all evil! If I stay on ADV I'm never gonna stop farkling bikes!
Good job, Keep it coming!
Thanks! Don't leave ADV, whats the fun about not farkling bikes!?

Originally Posted by peteandheidi
Very interesting...just a couple of questions as im going to be mounting the same forks soon.

Did you just retain the suzuki bearing cups and use the ktm stem and bearings???
Yes, same bearing cups from the DR and KTM bearings. Have a look at LukasM DR650 Build thread.

Originally Posted by peteandheidi
What did you do about the steering stops???
So far i do not have them, but these will be done by applying 2 rubber inserts on each sid of the fuel tank side brackets. forks go directly there!

Originally Posted by DRjoe

bloody awesome mate your a legend
Thanks! Have you looked at your DR thread recently!?
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