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Well, I started playing Left 4 Dead 2. I'll start off with my complaints. There doesn't seem to be any reason for someone to play through the SP. All of the campaigns and missions are open from the start. If you want to play, you can choose any mission you want. If you quit, it no longer saves the information. You just have to start over by choosing the mission again. At least when you play, it will continue from mission to mission like it should.

The other complaint is the AI. If you play on Advanced mode your friendly AI seem to get more dumb. They get stuck in rooms and don't hang close which leaves you high and dry when there is a swarm.

I like the multiple pistols and the new rifles. The Melee, not so much. They are really slow and don't seem to be much stronger then your regular shove. The chain saw is cool but with limited fuel and it's slow speed, I can't see anyone really using it over a gun. I do like the tasks like having to go get the gun store owner a coke from the store. Although again the stupid AI make it difficult to get out in one piece.

I still wish you could line up the sights on all the guns, not only the ones with scopes. And having a ROF button would be nice as well. There are a lot of times I'd like more accuracy.

I wish you could buy a HK94 or Bushmaster ACR for $1999.99. Although an AK for $1999.99 seems a bit expensive. I think the shotguns should be more powerful. Stick a slug in there and you should be able to get more range and takedown power. It's like using bird shot at times.

So far the new computer is running fine. I'm getting an occasional memory error but I think it might have to do with a setting as I'm OC'ed to 1600Mhz instead of 1066. (Memory is 1600 so that shouldn't be a problem.) Frame rates are pretty high. In game I'm getting a high around 150. Not sure what is is when the swarms come but I doubt it's dropping below 50.

Arma 2 FPS's are around 45-60fps. A nice increase from 20-27 with the old comptuer (same GPU)
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