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Outstanding service at Revzilla

Just wanted to let you all know that if you're considering purchasing Rev'It! gear, or others for that matter, you owe it to yourself to check out They are the largest Rev'It! dealer in the U.S., and I can tell you first-hand that you will get phenomenal customer service!

I recently spent a good deal of time researching a 3/4-length touring jacket and pants that would give me the best ventilation possible for summer riding, while also being appropriate for the other seasons. There's not much out there, but at one point I stumbled on to the Sirocco from Rev'It (which is now being discontinued).

So I talked to Patrick from Revzilla via e-mail, Nick from Revzilla over the phone, and Anthony, who owns Revzilla, on this forum (he's "Boochzilla"). To say the least, I've been blown away by their service, from their product knowledge to their demeanor to their follow-through.

I spoke to Nick on the phone for close to a half-hour, throwing all kinds of questions at him about the Rev'It! jackets and pants, as well as those of other vendors. He listened well to every question and concern I had, and gave me thorough, honest answers; he REALLY knew his stuff! Most impressive to me was his ability to make all the bullet point highlights that the manufacturers have on their products make sense to me; he patiently explained their differences and how they related to what I was looking for.

I later had about a 20-message dialogue on here with Anthony, and it quickly became apparent why people like Nick and Patrick are so helpful, and why Revzilla is so good: it starts from the top.

Anthony had me get him my measurements as called for by Rev'It, to ensure proper fitment. He too explained differences in the various products, and from my questions, was able to wittle it down to what would be the best products for me in jackets, pants and even upgraded armor.

Every time I fired off a question, he responded right away with clear and honest answers. And he continued to do so when I invariably later remembered something I'd forgotten to ask and subsuqently PM'd him yet again!

What really blew me away, though, was what Anthony did in following up on my sizing. I have a slightly funny build, as I am 5'6", but have only a 28" inseam. I had initially been interested in the Mistral pants, but it appeared they are not made in my size. That led to the Dakar, the new Sand and the Turbine.

Anthony made clear to me the different ways in which each of these pants are sized, as well as what would likely be the one best suited for my needs. Then, without my asking, he contacted Rev'It! himself with my measurements, just to make sure he was right about the size I would need for each pant. When he told me that, I was stunned! I haven't known many people to go out of their way like that. It also helped put my mind at ease.

So I finally put in my order for the silver Sirocco jacket-medium, and the silver Sand pants-large/short. At 5'6", 162 pounds, I couldn't believe I was actually ordering a size large pant, but I went with Anthony's recommendation.

When I got home last night, my gear was waiting for me, only two days after I ordered! I suited up immediately, and wouldn't you know, the sizing was DEAD-ON! Perfect fit, and I can't wait to do some long-distance riding in it!

Well, there's my verrrrrrry long story, but I really do feel strongly about the Revzilla experience. To be able to go online and find the multitude of quality gear options they have, along with the thorough product knowledge of all of it, is a rare blessing these days, at least for me. I can't imagine getting more prompt, courteous, honest and knowledgeable service! And I'm getting ready to order my Rev'It! Air jacket for local summer riding from them, along with a rainsuit!

Those are just my two cents, but I wanted to let folks know if you have any interest in Rev'It, or many of the other motorcycle gear vendors, do yourself a favor and give a look to Revzilla!
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