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Originally Posted by =Lenny=
i'm pretty sure what your describing IS possible under the current iPhone OS. Might just be a matter of a develper deeming that sorta functionality to be a viable money maker or not. The .99 cent model that dominates the iTunes store has really hampered a lot of developer efforts/initiatives.

I've had quite a few ideas that I've thought to be pretty cool, but when you distill down the market to-in this case-users of iphones... who add more than 2 or 3 apps total to their phone... who would consider actually paying for an app... who listen to music on their iphone... who listen to music while navigating... who are able to find such an app though whatever marketing efforts... who buy your $xx app which earns you: XX minus the 30% apple gets, minus whatever uncle sam gets. You can see how development incentive can be a bit of a bitch under that reality (however much a reality it might be...)

btw. I'm one of the guys that created Adaptunes. We do hope to implement some upgrades/improvements in the future, but the above explanation definitely bares our incentives. Thank you to the guy farther up the thread for the thumbs up.

Some developers are making a killing on mobile apps - and as the iphone user base grows, I wouldn't be surprised to see the functionality your looking for in the future.
The phone, email and iPod programs ALWAYS run in the background. Anything with push notification enabled, Facebook, eBay, some Bank apps, and ESPN sportscenter (absolutely a great app for the sports geek, because it pushes scores for any team you want with the ESPN theme, de de dee, de deee, announcing the score) also run in the background.

iPhone OS 4.0 is now with developers, and let's just say, developer community is ecstatic. I don't think Apple is willing to allow full multitasking because it just is a batter drain. In reality, there are a few programs that would benefit from being able to run in the background, the TomTom App and XM/Sirius, being two. Apple might allow some apps, whose developers make a case, to run. But who cares if your game is running in the background, that's just bad for the battery.

By the way, for those of you who do the adventure off road, the Accuterra APP is outstanding. It stores topographical maps on your iPhone, which may be better than anything Garmin can do. I use it for hiking, and I have to say, it's accurate, fast and detailed.
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