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Originally Posted by OUtback UFO
INteresting thread... i join in...

1. Was shot on Tmax100 Delorian River, Tasmania

2.Helfsty Castle, Czech Republic

3. Arches National Park
1) I honestly don't know what to say on this image, I will give you my stream of thought. I see a bunch of areas of mostly solid colors with slight textures, with the grass? Making another one on top of the water and shadows shaping this grey area. The large amount of grey bothers me but not sure how you can change this, you could have fun with this as an abstract image, and here I feel playing with the angle shown could help it and push it more in this abstract direction.

2) It is a very interesting location, perhaps a little dark but you do have absolute white in some areas, I just would play with your position especially since the left most 1/4 seems to have much more interesting textures than the rest of the composition.

3) I really like this in that it gives me a feeling of looking at single celled organisms through a microscope, this is right in my comfort zone
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