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Originally Posted by barefoot
Ooh! I'll play, if you don't mind!
1) Mitchell Mesa, in Monument Valley:

2) Bexar County Courthouse:
1) Amazing location, someone told me I should head out to the southwest and after seeing all these images I might need to go for it.

For this image my main composition concerns are with the right hand crop it seems very much like the image was (cut off). I just played around with it's location in my monitor and if you cropped some off the bottom close to the beginning of the mountain, and a little off the right to the dip it seems to work a lot better. The reason I did the bottom is it this "muddy" area compared to the sun hitting the rocks/sky.

Also were you angling the lens slightly up? I see some distortion and why I mention this is that is how many people take these images. The big thing is you want to have something to differentiate your image from the countless others which have been taken of this scene in either it's composition, look or both.

2) Here we have that up angle which takes away from the architecture. I think a stronger composition would be the part coming out to the left of the tower as well as the tower in the right part of the frame, all done vertically with less of an up angle.

As for the processing play around with the curves function. right now the stone is rather muddy and same with the sky but you have all the visual information in this photo (few absolute blacks where detail is needed, and not much is blown out) so you could bring up the highlights and make this image pop a lot more.

And now I am all caught up
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