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Originally Posted by thomasona
Just curious, Nikon, what do you do for a job? I see "web developer/photographer" in your profile. Do you freelance or are you a staff photographer for a publication? I've seen some of your pics in threads here and I like what I see. Is there a place I can see your professional work?

Nice thread, by the way!
I am currently disabled/unemployed which gives me the free time for this thread
A lot of my journey through it is here:

I'm working on getting a new computer that can handle design work along with the speech recognition I am using now to type this. The issue is any lag is a huge pain since my mouse is controlled by head movement so 1/2 a second could be a move of 1/2 a degree and then I don't click the right thing.

Photography has basically gotten me through this time and I have gone from a cell phone camera, to a point and shoot, and am now back into the world of DSLR's as they find drugs to help my condition. My issue is when I get into a project I go through the pain and after can pretty much be dead from using the cameras too much.

Here is a basic overview of my recent work (from when I was disabled about 2 years ago to I thin 10/09 I need to update it a bit)

I am also getting back into concerts a bit (using a old MF telephoto which is nice due to its lighter weight compared to the monsters we have today):
The first few B&W ones in this gallery are from way back using film and the rest are more recent work.

I am also working on the site now about those cell photos (it was my senior thesis) and while the book is a lot of work this I am hoping to have up soon. And while working with this current computer is like pulling teeth it is good to somewhat get back into web design before I get the new one so I can hit the ground running.
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