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Originally Posted by eakins
most people see this as a reliable, low-maintenance copy of the 1200gs, which it is.

if you were at yamaha making a design & $$$ decession on what this bike should be, would copy a 1200gs (the bike that has extremely strong sales worldwide, is the benchmark for the adv category & is bmw's best seller) or a 990 adv (a niche bike, that doesn't sell anywhere as good)???

so? what's your answer?

yamaha builds what they think will sell very well, not what is a niche, cool bike. judging by the brisk sales (during a economic downturn) of the wr250r & the tenere worldwide, i'd say yamaha knows perfectly how to execute a DS/ADV bike for the broad market. neither of these bike are cutting edge in performance yet they are flying off the shelf.

in the end the majority of people worldwide want reasonable performance and features, with a reasonable price built around a solidly reliable machine.
yamaha delivers and will also deliver with this bike. i predict sales to be extremely well.

bmw has built their reputation on premium machines/pricing that are suppose to be solidly built/reliable.
as we have seen the reliability pereception(reality) has serious flaws and so people are questioning why am i paying so much more for this and having more problems. like toyota, this crack opens a huge void for the super tenere to fill. without bmw's missteps, yamaha might not have ever built this bike.

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