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I got a 3D look at the new Z1000 at a local dealership. It does look better in person than in photos. Also got a chance to take a seat on it, but no demo ride. Still looking for that opportunity.

I like it. The Zed doesn't look as Transformer'ish to my eye in person. Lots of angles and sharp lines, to be sure. I don't care much for the plastic pieces hiding the USD fork. The bottom sections look easy to remove, the tops look more problematic. The bottom fairing piece will be easy to take off, I'm interested to see what that'll look like.

The shock location is really cool. It's mounted off center making it closer to the right side of the bike. Much easier access for adjusting.

The bike didn't have a battery installed so I didn't to see the digital instrument pod lit up. The angle adjustment in very simple/easy. I'd still prefer an analog tach. And I'd rather have a temp gauge than a clock.

The seat is 32", but narrow. So no difficulty in my flat-footing it at 5-9. I liked the ergos behind the handlear, which falls very naturally into my hands. Plenty of room under the tank for my knees when my feet are on the pegs.

The chain adjuster is an eccentric type, making adjustment simpler. But because of that I'm not sure a Lift-N-Lube stand can be fitted to help lube the chain.

The location of the oil filter will make oil changes a breeze (unlike my Bandit 1250). And there seems to be a good amount of space around the engine bay for access.

A major aesthetic nit is the white rear pillon seat found on the white/orange model (the one I'll get if I get the new Z). That's gotta go. I asked about ordering a black one from Kawasaki and was told that it shouldn't be a problem.

The mechanism for attaching the windscreen will make it easy to replace once ZG, Puig, or MRA start making a windscreen for the new Z.

Again, I like it. Now I just need to scare me up a demo ride .

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