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Originally Posted by TX Ryder
And I'd rather have a temp gauge than a clock.
I'd rather have both. It would be no problem to fit them both on this display and there'd still be plenty of room for the gear indicator, too!

By the way, I don't know if it's the same for you in the US, but the clock is so important to many because here in Oz (and in Europe, I believe) there are many speed limits that are time-dependent, in particular school zones - at 8:29am the speed limit might be still 60km/hr but at 8:30am it suddenly becomes 40km/hr, and school zones often come with a speed camera attached. Getting caught while going 20km/hr over the speed limit can easily make a difference between riding and catching public transport for a long, long time!
That's why we *really* like to have clocks included in our instrumentation.
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