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Originally Posted by ferrix
I'd rather have both. It would be no problem to fit them both on this display and there'd still be plenty of room for the gear indicator, too!

By the way, I don't know if it's the same for you in the US, but the clock is so important to many because here in Oz (and in Europe, I believe) there are many speed limits that are time-dependent, in particular school zones - at 8:29am the speed limit might be still 60km/hr but at 8:30am it suddenly becomes 40km/hr, and school zones often come with a speed camera attached. Getting caught while going 20km/hr over the speed limit can easily make a difference between riding and catching public transport for a long, long time!
That's why we *really* like to have clocks included in our instrumentation.
We have the speed zones, just not the cameras for the most part.

I would think that a little handlebar or brake resivior mounted clock would solve that issue.
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