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Originally Posted by Michhub
So...there I was, nothing planned for the day...figured I'd run down to CC to bum around and maybe run into Rider929 etc looking & talking bikes as a cheap fix....Well....much to my surprise they had a shiney new 2010 990 ADV in was purdy, tell your friends...then I spun around an BAM!
a 2010 690 Enduro R

For the last several months they had a used '08 690E which finally sold and I breathed a sigh of relief
Then the clutch in my brain engaged, the gears spinning wildly, I need it, I want it....just last week I decided to focus on getting an '09 that won't do, I gotta have this beasty....I quickly roamed around the shop for something else to look at....quick, make a mental list of Pro's & Con's.....ahhhh, tank is small, seat is hard, needs an aftermarket exhaust....uuhhhh.....50lbs lighter then the XRL, very streetable, FI, It rips!(I test drove one at the Snowshoe rally)
Quickly drove home, jumped on the 990 and went for a ride to get my mind off it...that worked, sorta...ok, what can I sell to get it....XRL, Cobray M11/9, couple guitars/amps/effects....hell, I got the cash to simply buy it...

Soooo, No, I didn't buy it...I need some Moto distraction tomorrow, anybody riding somewhere?

I'm not looking at that, not looking....
that is exactly whaat my ideal 'toy' looks like....

I went to the dorky gun show today at the fairgrounds...big let down...
come over tomorrow, I'll smash your fingers with the BFH I have here. it'll make you stop thinking about that K-Toom.... for a couple minutes.....
then we drink heavily....
I didn't see the bock at the new Krogers in Atlee (301) last week...sending momma to peruse tomorrow... while I begin the C14 "periodic service event"
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