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Originally Posted by fyrfytr
Yes, but the originals are on my work computer. And I'm out for a few weeks. How do you like the composition?
No problem, on #1 I like it but if you moved the camera down a bit and angled up it would be stronger. You have a lot of negative space on the bottom and not much on the top...a crop could fix it for this image and balance it out but in the future adding some to the top would help.

The 2nd one I feel is kind of in the middle of what angle I would optimally use. It works but doesn't grab as much as it could.

3 is just too busy with the foreground elements, they distract from the scene, and if you can use something (white napkins work) as a diffuser for the flash it works great.

4 you need to leave more space above the head, it's "chopped off" a good thing for these photos is to zoom out a little and leave the room to play with extra.
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