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And for the non-amphibious...

Mouammar Kadhafi, Libyan number one, called last Thursday to the holy war (Jihad) against Switzerland, because of the ban of the construction of minarets in the confederacy, while the relations between Switzerland and Tripoli already were in crisis.

That does several weeks that the Libya is closed to the European tourists, the ambassadors of the 27 member nations of THE E.U. as well as the group experts aimed associated States to the space Schengen discussed the suppression by Tripoli of the aimed at the citizens of l'espace..

The European Commission deplored last week the decision of Libyan authorities to suspend the granting of the aimed at the nationals of the member nations of the space Schengen.

Therefore, the Libya Rally that must dispute itself of the 9 to March 16 is in the expectative!

Possessors of the fine one aimed, the competitors and the organization turn in round and await with optimism the return to the calm. But the days pass and equipment boarding (March 4 to Marseilles for the trucks and March 6 to Bother for the others) goes soon rung! Of his side the organizer of this second edition of the Libya Rally, Gert Duson, student the feasability of a plan "B"... in order to leave person on the tile knowing that a test cancellation can have heavy consequences. I united joins myself to Gert Duson with that I discussed a week ago to the telephone for him to wish to succeed in unblock the position.

Other precisions and not of the least, Etienne Lavigne, the employer of the "Dakar" made known us that it was located currently in Tunisia and that it spun in Libya... with the intention of to construct the Dakar 2011 of which the place, to this day, again is not defined. Will there reach you it? The "Dakar" 2011 in Africa of the East by the Tunisia, the Libya and Egypt or return in South America? According to our Argentinian and Chilean colleagues, they assure us that the hour always is to the discussions: "For that the Dakar returns, A.S.O. (Amaury Sport Organization) asks the Argentina and to the Chile to increase its budgets, the negotiations with the two Presidents are in course. ..”
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