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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet)
It will be interesting though... they were able to get round the (power to weight) disadvantage this year by going up to 730cc... but next year, I can't see how a 450cc engine is going to be making anything like the power required to make the existing [690]RR bike chassis competitive against the likes of the Aprilia and the Sherco...?
It's sure going to be fun to watch next year!
J xx
Why would they put a new 450 lc4 sort of donk in a big chassis designed for up to 730, esp when their compeditors will be running smaller and lighter chassised machines (eg, sherco, ape, Yamaha).
Couldn’t they just adapt the 450/530 chaassis they already have?

Could this be the holy grail about to arrive. A not as highly strung (designed reliable), med-hi po 450 class bike, 6 speed in a highly competent chassis and susp setup suitable for riding, riding and riding. As opposed to riding, maint, riding.

Sort of like a modern drz but with power, handling, suspension and light weight, 90% setup from the factory… (now I mention it its not much like a drz at all. Ha)

Waiting with baited breath.
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