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Mate, I went through some of this with QLD transport when I brought my Tenere in from the UK. First I had to prove to them it was a LHD.

Than to get the vin number I had to run it past a specialist engineer to check for ADR compliancy. He told me that there is no such procedure for bikes and that QLD transport even shows this on their system. I ended up getting the head of the department or something confirming this, but that wasn't enough for the cows behind the desk. As far as they were concerned if it wasn't on their system, it wasn't the case I had to fullfill the application as they knew it. It took several phone calls between me and their superiors before I could get them to talk to each other.

I would just wing it with a different enginer number. But in the end, scrutineering would always be difficult depending if how fine the'd go over it.
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